A look around the football leagues

In a very strange way, there was a buzz of excitement here in the office today watching the results filter in from around the grounds today as the Allianz National Football League continued in resumption mode. Naturally, the grounds looked … Continue reading A look around the football leagues

Murphy’s ‘Major’ seals the deal as McCarthy’s men March on

LEINSTER MFC; MEATH 1.15 DUBLIN 0-07 A second half goal from Dunshaughlin’s Aaron Murphy pointed the home side towards victory as they completely dominated their old rivals to further underline the progress made and the work which continues to be done with Meath underage teams. Such an outcome looked distinctly unlikely when the sides changed ends deadlocked at 0-04 apiece. However, a flurry of early second half scores, with Summerhill’s Eoghan Frayne particularly prominent, before Murphy from the newly crowned Minor county champions sealed the deal. Team manager John McCarthy, who played his club football with Walterstown but is now … Continue reading Murphy’s ‘Major’ seals the deal as McCarthy’s men March on

Better late than never or has the horse bolted?


At a time when what would once have been considered unthinkable on the political landscape is – at the time of typing – at least generating discussion, should it not serve as a reminder that certain things shouldn’t be categorically, indefinitely ruled out? Or, to employ a more mundane example, doesn’t your columnist eventually realising the farming dream add credence to the sense one should never say never? Continue reading “Better late than never or has the horse bolted?”

Simplicity and common sense are now deemed scientific

A while back, I came across a photo of Freddie Mercury. Now, readers of a certain age might be surprised to learn that, during schooling years, Queen’s music and that of others ranging from Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison to Garth Brooks and #U2. Mostly the old cassette of Mercury et al though.  Bohemian Rhapsody shall not be usurped as the favoured production thereof. However, more recently, others lyrics associated with the group attained a perhaps unexpected degree of relevance. “Is this the world we created, we’ve made it on our own, is this the world we’ve devastated, right to the bone?” Continue reading “Simplicity and common sense are now deemed scientific”