Champions title defence hopes rocked by Van Dijk blow

Liverpool’s ambitions of retaining the league title they sauntered to for the first time in three decades just a few months ago have been dealt a hammer blow with the news that rearguard general Virgil Van Dijk is facing a … Continue reading Champions title defence hopes rocked by Van Dijk blow

Unrealistic expectations hark back to the past

Harry Gregg passed away just about a week ago. For those who may not know, he was the goalkeeper on the Manchester United team, many of whom perished in the Munich Air Disaster of 1958 – when the aircraft carrying the Red Devils crashed after several failed take-off attempts in a blizzard. The Northern Irishman was credited with saving the lives of his teammates Bobby Charlton and Dennis Violet as well as a mother and newborn baby. Naturally, given Charlton’s status within the global game – never mind the club – in many ways he became the public face of … Continue reading Unrealistic expectations hark back to the past

Surviving on winter sports!

At precisely this time three years ago – that is to say, Senior Football Championship Final day in Meath – yours truly keyboarded a piece stating that Pairc Tailteann would be the last place on earth I’d want to be on the day in question. Out of a sense of profound regret that our own lads weren’t present. As it happened, in both the main event itself and the curtain-raising Minor decider. It would, as the headline used suggested, have felt like the loneliest place on earth. The only thing negating upset at the time was the fact that, whoever … Continue reading Surviving on winter sports!

Trouble at the top? Dung always falls downwards

Do you ever simply stop and ponder how we all got by before social media? On one occasion recently, it was Twitter that informed yours truly that the following day’s National Hunt racing fixture at Newton Abbot had been postponed. That was only one example of the tsunami of information people can access in seconds online nowadays and it set me thinking. Some, perhaps many, of you will know this, but, to enlighten newer followers it’s worth stating that yours truly spent 11 years alternating between PRO and Asst. PRO of St Peter’s GAA Club. And that it was the … Continue reading Trouble at the top? Dung always falls downwards

Disappointment is best gauged by expectation

Repetition is one of the greatest foibles in this occupation. Balancing such thoughts is a sense that if a point retains relevance it’s worth another gallop. In some cases, though, points lose their punchline – if they ever had one – in a situation when they are the sole explanation and/or defence in a given situation. The continuing dominance of the Dublin footballers in GAA is, in some quarters at least, continually written off to the financial advantages those in the capital enjoy over their suitors. Apart from the fact the whole debate is getting extremely old – it is … Continue reading Disappointment is best gauged by expectation

Fortitudo in Adversis

Did you ever consider some of the phrases we all use, maybe in the course of a day, in a throw-away fashion that, well, we don’t afford a thought to? Lately, two have been to the forefront of thoughts here: the importance of not taking anything for granted in life and, from a more personal viewpoint, the realisation that things can – and sometimes do – go full circle in life.

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A big occasion under the Friday night lights

When thinking back to my school days, it often occurs to me just how fortunate we were. Not just in terms of actual schooling but – equally as importantly from a personal perspective at least – that there was such a strong sporting ethos therein. It helped, of course, that Willie Lyons, who looked after sporting matters in the school (still does) was also involved in training the GAA club’s adult teams. The fact that Meath were at their zenith under Sean Boylan at the time was no hindrance either.

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Re-affirming the value of sport in life


It would be impossible to know where to begin to quantify the impediments which living with a disability presents. There are some areas upon which comment will never be uttered openly. However, there are certain aspects of life’s journey which regular visitors to this space will know cause great angst. Maybe not to the extent pertaining to the areas which tend not to be discussed openly, but it doesn’t make them any less heart breaking to deal with.

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Trigger-happy tendencies generally don’t end well

How many of you recall the old layout of O’Connor Park in Tullamore? An admission straight away: there was a time when the Offaly venue was despised in this seat. Solely because of the disabled viewing facilities – or to be more accurate – what was a complete dearth of same. Which was all the more galling given that one of their own, Matt Connor, rightly ranks among the greatest to play Gaelic football.

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