Mourinho is, quite obviously, not everybody’s cup of tea and it wouldn’t take an scientist to discern why. However, no matter what anybody thinks of the man, it is beyond question that he delivers results. With United, that meant collecting the Europa League and the League Cup as well as also securing a very creditable runner up berth with what was as poor a team to grace the home dressing room at Old Trafford in my lifetime. The one redeeming feature of which was Zlatan Ibrahimovich, who was, in a glaring illustration of Woodward’s idiocy, allowed to leave instead of persuaded to stay. Not to mention the amout players the club have been linked with in recent seasons and still failed to sign. Continue reading ROLLING DOWN MEMORY LANE – EP. 15


DON’T PANIC! WE HAVEN’T REACHED THE LAST OF THE WINE YET… What you are about to read should actually have been included in the last spin down the Lane. However, two factors interjected. Firstly, the preceding perambulation ended up becoming a much bigger and deeper affair than was originally envisioned. And secondly because there’s enough in what follows hereafter to justify a whole reminiscing ramble all to itself. Now read on… If you’ve been reading in these parts for a while, you’ll know the following. If you’re new to the scene you’re very welcome. Thank you for stopping by, and … Continue reading ROLLING DOWN MEMORY LANE – EP. 7