The Man Over The Bridge

I’ve been here before. Different computer, but the same scenario. Cursor flashing ominously on a blank screen. No idea where to begin. The intended subject matter is the same. Albeit in a different context, yet no less emotionally difficult to … Continue reading The Man Over The Bridge

Green shoots should stave off kneejerk reactionism

Whenever a person passes to the great beyond, there’s a period of reflection. If one happens to close to the deceased, everything gets magnified. Personally, there’s been far too much of it over the last year or two. Those close to me will know the ones which have taken the biggest chunk out of the spirit here. Yet the battle endures.

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Honouring the past while motoring towards the future

Tradition – and to be more specific the upholding thereof – is key to the life of any community. And to ensuring communities survive and prosper from generation to generation. Recently, an article was encountered detailing the history Tory Island in Co Donegal has of producing talented artists. Think also of the match making in Lisdoonvarna, the oysters in Galway or the Puc Fair in Killorglan. A tradition of festivals abides much closer to home too. There’s the steam threshing in Moynalty, the Hay Making Festival in Trim and Dunderry Fair. All of which form vital and enjoyable parts of … Continue reading Honouring the past while motoring towards the future