The Soup Spoon Rides Again

Today was all about winter crops and longer-term planning. I prep some seedling trays – using my unconventional small ‘shovel’ – whilst Susie was busy organising the seed boxes with winter sowing about to begin. Then, in a slight hint to what will hopefully be in the pipeline going forward, the near-91-year-old gets in on the act, spraying off the area formerly known as ‘The Jungle’. Continue reading The Soup Spoon Rides Again

Going for the ‘big story’ when there is no story is just pure badness

Take our own case as a starting point, small though it may be in scale. Strip away the whole debacle that is Covid-19 and the fact that both dad and Paul have been struck by illness and injury respectively at various stages during the year. More fundamentally, the fact simply was that the prices weanling and forward store heifers were commanding in marts around the country were eons above where we could afford to go. Continue reading Going for the ‘big story’ when there is no story is just pure badness

Counting cows the modern way!

Something different this time around and being honest I can’t take any of the credit. All thanks must go to a neighbouring farmer who was checking his dairy herd the modern way. If Boylan Talks Sport ever wins the Lotto a drone will be near enough top of the shopping list. Amazing footage, which demonstrates very clearly the possibilities having such equipment opens up in terms of the content a producers can come up with. AN SB PARTNERSHIP PRODUCTION FILMING & SOUND BY PADDY CLARKE Continue reading Counting cows the modern way!

Making Hay while the sun shone…

The hay making on our own farm is normally one of the highlights for me every year, but this year it was very much a bittersweet affair because, due to circumstances here at home, not only was the hay not for ourselves this year but, even more upsetting, I was unable to be there when the baling was in progress. However, with the help of my amazing partner Susan I was able to see all the action as it unfolded. Michael Clarke baling for his dad Pat with a Deutz Fahr 6160 and McHale 5500 baler. Continue reading Making Hay while the sun shone…