When you need a map back to your comfort zone

So, here we are. Back where we started. Just when a veneer of what used to pass for normality was at least partially re-appearing on the horizon. All because some genius decided to re-open the schools even though it was … Continue reading When you need a map back to your comfort zone

Surviving on winter sports!

At precisely this time three years ago – that is to say, Senior Football Championship Final day in Meath – yours truly keyboarded a piece stating that Pairc Tailteann would be the last place on earth I’d want to be on the day in question. Out of a sense of profound regret that our own lads weren’t present. As it happened, in both the main event itself and the curtain-raising Minor decider. It would, as the headline used suggested, have felt like the loneliest place on earth. The only thing negating upset at the time was the fact that, whoever … Continue reading Surviving on winter sports!

A fondness for collating information bordering on hoarding

Becoming more directly involved in farming was the best decision I ever made. Equally the most frustrating however. Now, it would be easy to pin the aforementioned reservations on price volatility and changing markets. These are ongoing concerns. Greatest angst, though, is generated out of not being able to do more.
Part of life’s menu was always going to make that so. But still, not being able to drive the tractor or fork in the silage or change the bedding or dose the cattle causes a puncture to the engine every time. Such is the way farming is now, however, yours truly can still have a fair degree of input given the amount of record keeping it entails.

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Going to America in search of salvation

No, somewhat regrettably, one is not taking flight. Even if such an opportunity did present itself, a sheep or tillage farm in Australia would be the preferred destination. This despite a yearning to see dear friends who’ve long decamped Stateside. Now read on…
Certain times of year afford particular thoughts enhanced prominence. This might sometimes lead to repetition in spaces such as this, but so be it. During this week – the third instalment of September – each year, recollection is stirred of the observations of a former local publican who professed All Ireland football final Sunday to be the last big day’s trade of what’s, notionally at least, the summer season. Continue reading “Going to America in search of salvation”

Some big names sorely missed, others who won’t be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The point in Space Jam where the Tune Squad enlist the services of Michael Jordan and other NBA luminaries is a seminal moment where animation and reality intertwine. It could be said similar occurs each time an episode of The Simpsons is aired as the long running comedy series mirrors so much of what transpires in real life. Continue reading “Some big names sorely missed, others who won’t be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “

Unwinding, entertaining serenity

LeBron James, when asked at the recent NBA All Star weekend what his abiding memory of his involvement in the annual event was replied: “Probably the last time we were here (New Orleans), it was great to be able to do our bit to lift peoples’ spirits after Hurricane Katrina” It was a statement which resonated greatly with yours truly. For the role sport has, does and always will play in dealing with some of life’s more unpalatable aspects could never be overstated. Yet, recently, the thought entered the mind that sometimes getting overly het up about things isn’t the … Continue reading Unwinding, entertaining serenity

Refuges of a desperate insomniac

Commercialisation of sports, either by individuals or conglomerates, bugs me. Look no further than what Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has done to the club. Welsh people are fiercely – and rightly – proud sports people. How must the Cardiff fans feel to have seen the identity of their club more or less discarded? The word their was deliberately employed thence because surely a vital component of any sports team is the support base. They must at least be entitled to feel some kind of connection with those they like. Something as simple as a team’s nickname means a hell … Continue reading Refuges of a desperate insomniac