Since last you saw me with trowel in hand, what has been the main objective since vegetable growing became part lifeline, part dream, part obsession has been realised. That being the sowing of a few spuds. As was mentioned here … Continue reading BOYLAN TALKS GARDEN – 2


And now for something completely different… So far, we’ve sown Scallions, raddishes, lettuce, beetroot, green beans and carrots outside, while today saw things both go up a notch and veer away in another and quite exciting direction when an afternoon was put in sowing tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, sprouts and leeks into small pots, at the sink in the office! As the weeks progress, they will be transplanted into bigger pots and left to do their thing in my newly purchased greenhouse. Next up will be the big one…sowing spuds, while there are also a few more crops in mind if … Continue reading BOYLAN TALKS GARDEN