Disappointment is best gauged by expectation

Repetition is one of the greatest foibles in this occupation. Balancing such thoughts is a sense that if a point retains relevance it’s worth another gallop. In some cases, though, points lose their punchline – if they ever had one – in a situation when they are the sole explanation and/or defence in a given situation. The continuing dominance of the Dublin footballers in GAA is, in some quarters at least, continually written off to the financial advantages those in the capital enjoy over their suitors. Apart from the fact the whole debate is getting extremely old – it is … Continue reading Disappointment is best gauged by expectation

Please heed the words of the famed poet!

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams                                                           WB Yeats In more than 20 years writing, never was it envisaged having to produce a piece of the ilk you are about to read. But then, a situation akin to what has set the keyboard off again has never been encountered previously. Here at least. Ups and downs, trouble and strife are all part of being heavily invested in sport. Of course, being a journalist leaves one in a unique position. There’s one, well known, outspoken hack who, for a while, proclaimed his occupation precluded him from having inclinations towards … Continue reading Please heed the words of the famed poet!

A continuing success story with optimism for the future

Whatever about success elsewhere fuelling more of same in certain places, or, for that matter, incremental progress giving rise to hope close to home, somewhere else Meath teams have been competing with gusto in recent times has been Ladies Football. Temptation was to say that regrettably thus far those efforts have gone unrewarded, but, such a stance would do a great disservice to Eamonn Murray and his charges. The value of the promotion they garnered earlier in the year in the National League courtesy of conquest of Sligo in Clones cannot be underestimated. Only by tackling better calibre opponents will … Continue reading A continuing success story with optimism for the future