The direction may be right, but treading warily will be advisable

Whilst paying tribute to John Reilly a while ago, mention was afforded to the 1997 season. Specifically, that at the time our club had very talented underage teams in both codes. The thing was, as so many of our teams across different grades qualified for finals, the U-21 hurling decider against Boardsmill ended up being held over until the following year.

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‘Silly season’ invading several sports

It can be attested to all too easily, having an occupied mind can be essential. An idle mind can cause problems. It’s the type of thing that usually leads to the phenomenon known as the ‘silly season’. Now, obviously, in sporting terms, it besieges different disciplines at various times.
For example, during the two and a bit months of the off-season in soccer, transfer speculation becomes frenetic. All the top players are linked with moves to different clubs – usually Barcelona or Real Madrid or, lately, Manchester City – but in many cases nobody goes anywhere.

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