The Memory Man and me

One summer’s evening over a quarter century ago, whilst out for an evening stroll – my wonderful mother doing the walking, me observing from the cockpit – Brendan Reilly was encountered close to his family home. The Reilly homestead being close to St Peter’s GAA Club, enquiries were made as to why there was a big crowd up around the field.

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An emotional mix of recollections

Recently, in the midst of another bout of insomnia, an airing of the All Ireland SFC semi final of 2006 between Dublin and Mayo was encountered at about 2am. At the time, what resonated greatest was hearing the dulcet tones of Kevin Mallon, formerly of LMFM, conveying the action.
To my mind, anyway, undoubtedly Kevin’s finest hour arrived when he declared “God must be a Meath man”. When I was younger, wholehearted agreement would’ve ensued on the premise that he was a corner forward who hailed from Skryne! However, in this instance, Kevin’s proclamation requires a bit of context. Now read on…

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Novel final a no-win situation

For a time in the early to mid ‘90s, Noel C Duggan ensured Millstreet, and the arena therein, was the epicentre of the world. Think of the Eurovision Song Contest (remember when that was relevant?), the bouts of pugilism between Steve Collins and Chris Eubank Snr and show jumping.
The same period heralded a glorious tumult for hurling. Offaly engineered what was more a resurrection than a breakthrough – more of that anon – while for Clare and Wexford the 1995-97 period was indeed a conquering of the mountain top after sustained periods trying to hack out of the undergrowth.

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