Who writes their scripts?

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Last March sent a sporting curve ball which life can often summon spinning this way. Parochial, tribal tendencies are the fabric of what stitches the GAA together. For those of us exposed to the association at a young age, its influence can be all consuming. Some might say to the point of addiction. They may not be far wrong. Continue reading “Who writes their scripts?”

Red is the rose in yonder sporting garden above

“My father he gave me the love of it all, when he guided my arms to strike that first ball. A hurley, a football it’s the same thing to me. It’s playing the game that matters, you see”. Those couple of lines are from the GAA incarnation of The Beautiful Game. They surely could be applied to any of us who’ve been imbued with a love of our national games. Obviously, in some cases how that interest manifests itself is different from others. Yet no less fervent in its sincerity. Continue reading “Red is the rose in yonder sporting garden above”

Skill needed to negotiate different species

The idea of bucket lists doesn’t sit well here. Whatever about having lists of ambitions one wishes to accomplish, in the aforementioned form they smack of too much finality. One can entirely see what some people might think of such a viewpoint, however, even though there have been numerous times when such a stance on matters may have been extremely tempting. Continue reading “Skill needed to negotiate different species”