Taking comfort in sporting success

Death seems to naturally prompt reflection. Most obviously for the family and loved ones of the deceased but also by those whose lives have been touched by the departed. There’s been too much of it in these parts. Forgive me while I lament awhile.
It seems to be the case in this locality these things happen in waves. Recently, there have been some which affected your columnist profoundly. The passing of Mrs Mary Coogan (nee Yourell) marked the end of an era in the life and history of Dunboyne. The link between the Boylan and Yourell families goes back generations – many will know of the bond I was blessed to share with Mary’s brother, the late Tom. Her passing marks the closing of a chapter in my life and the life of Dunboyne. Continue reading “Taking comfort in sporting success”

Change may seem certain but hold the drastic headlines


There’s been a lot of mention of seminal moments in this space lately. Which is interesting as it’s only a year or so ago your columnist first encountered the word. Whilst ingesting the enjoyable, educational and much missed work of Hugh McIlvanney. His abdication – along with Con Houlihan’s gracing of the press room above with his genius a scarcely believable four years ago – left quite the void. One which appeared more acute during the most recent #Olympics. Continue reading “Change may seem certain but hold the drastic headlines”

Any situation is what you make of it for yourself


Trying to maintain one’s personal dignity whilst dealing with life’s ‘natural needs’ is one of the most debilitating and often distressing aspects of travelling life’s journey with a disability. Put simply, not being able to go where and do what you want, out of fear of being caught in an upsetting and undignified situation.For that reason, immense difficulty pertains to feeling any sympathy towards Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) President Pat Hickey regarding the manner of his apprehension in Brazil. Do I think it was right or necessary? No, but spare me talk of preservation of dignity. Come navigate a mile on this road. Continue reading “Any situation is what you make of it for yourself”