One Irish sporting loss with an unquantifiable impact 

Comments about the power of tradition have appeared here before. After all, how do any of us become interested in anything – seeing others engaged in same. That applies to sport, business or anything else you wish to nominate. How many youngsters – male or female – have been inspired to take up rugby owing to the success our national teams have enjoyed therein in recent times?  Continue reading “One Irish sporting loss with an unquantifiable impact “

Encouraging to see intentions followed with action

On the #Dunboyne #GAA website and in some other material released in recent times, included have been images of the club’s senior players helping out with coaching some of the juvenile players who will be the future. That’s nothing new as it happens in clubs – and in all sporting codes – everywhere.  However, what struck me most about the images on our club site was the presence of so many of last year’s victorious minor side helping out with the sessions. After all, it’s not that long ago since those lads were themselves the beneficiaries of such assistance. Perhaps what’s most seminal about their involvement goes back to something mentioned in a similar column here not so long ago – creation of a culture. Continue reading “Encouraging to see intentions followed with action”

Utilising what they have to best effect

As part of a college work experience stint working in Rehab’s Insight magazine, my brief was to visit certain prominent places around #Dublin and assess them in terms of accessibility. It will come as little surprise to many that the destinations which resonated greatest here were the #GAA Museum and the #Guinness Storehouse. Suffice to say, the dinner was well washed down in the latter! Continue reading “Utilising what they have to best effect”

Culture construction will only take matters so far

There’s a story which has by now become folklore pertaining to when #SeanBoylan took over as #Meath senior football manager. The gist of which was, that certain senior individuals within the group of players – who shall remain nameless – informed the #Dunboyne man that if he stuck around long enough, they’d make a manager out of him! Now read on… Continue reading “Culture construction will only take matters so far”