Plenty of patents for Day’s patience paying off

On a map pertaining to strategic military positions relating to the #1916 Rising, General Sean #Boylan was highlighted as a figure of considerable importance in this locality. At this point, let it be made abundantly clear that – and this is a cause of considerable regret which will in the near future be rectified – not that much is known about his history with the army, so therefore I wouldn’t attempt to comment thereon. Continue reading “Plenty of patents for Day’s patience paying off”

Amidst talk of evolution, basics are still paramount

In the early stages of the 1994 All #Ireland SHC Final, Limerick corner forward Damien Quigley appeared to be going to obliterate the #Offaly defence single handed. The Na Piarsaigh clubman had already amassed 2-2 when, if recollection is correct, the Faithful County’s great goalkeeper of that era, Jim Troy, thwarted his attempts at a hat-trick.  The climax to that match, which centred on goals from Johnny Dooley and substitute Pat O’Connor and a plethora of points from an exhausted looking Billy Dooley, ranks up there with those penalties in Genoa in 1990 and #Meath’s heroics of July the following year for its unforgettable nature. Continue reading “Amidst talk of evolution, basics are still paramount”

Ready to adorn the big stage again

How often has it been seen, and said, that no matter how loose people’s association with a given sport – or any sport for that matter – might be, there will generally always be one flagship figure in every code with whom even the most casual observer will usually be able to identify.  Think of #RonnieOSullivan in snooker or #UsainBolt in athletics or, even in terms of the more mainstream sports, #LionelMessi’s impact on soccer or that of, say, Dan Carter regarding rugby. No matter what the pursuit there will always be someone, or perhaps a few people, who will expose their craft to a whole new audience. Continue reading “Ready to adorn the big stage again”

Simplicity and common sense are now deemed scientific

A while back, I came across a photo of Freddie Mercury. Now, readers of a certain age might be surprised to learn that, during schooling years, Queen’s music and that of others ranging from Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison to Garth Brooks and #U2. Mostly the old cassette of Mercury et al though.  Bohemian Rhapsody shall not be usurped as the favoured production thereof. However, more recently, others lyrics associated with the group attained a perhaps unexpected degree of relevance. “Is this the world we created, we’ve made it on our own, is this the world we’ve devastated, right to the bone?” Continue reading “Simplicity and common sense are now deemed scientific”

Reassurance in a world of contradictory logic

It’s hard to reconcile that, in terms of sport, where such inspirational feats as those achieved by Ireland’s magnificent participants in the Special Olympics and other wonderful people often alluded to here before shine like beacons, there co-exists a world of deceit and mistrust which tugs at the very fabric of what sport should be about.
Admittedly, some of it is regrettably warranted as has been evidenced by some of what has been exposed within certain codes over the years. However, the firm belief remains that there must be an avoidance of tarring entire sports for eternity – and consequently those involved therein – with the one withering brush stroke. Continue reading “Reassurance in a world of contradictory logic”

A hundred yards ends up feeling like a thousand miles

There has to be a wall, doesn’t there? A safety net through which nothing or nobody should plunge. All fine in theory. When the black cloud decides to envelope the horizon, an umbrella the size of the roof of the Cusack Stand would be required to protect those underneath from the offal.  Those who are due utmost appreciation for regularly stopping by to peruse content here will know the favoured aspects of life one likes to fall back on. Chiefly sport and farming – in fluctuating order – and writing. However, where the challenges really arise is when the safety barriers themselves are so cut adrift that they become unreachable by solace. #Farming #Meath #Ireland #GAA Continue reading “A hundred yards ends up feeling like a thousand miles”