Is there anything to be said for a bit of inward inspection?

Remember the episode of Father Ted where Fr Dougal ends up on the explosive milk float? In the midst of frantic efforts to rescue the dim-witted young priest Fr Beeching – one of a fairly unimaginative think tank brought in by Crilly to aid in the crisis – organises a Mass on a bale trailer pulled by a dumper. When that fails, all manner of chaotic proposals are put forward until the monotonous Beeching lamentably wonders “Is there anything to be said for seeing another Mass?” #MeathGaa #MickODowd #GAA #CrokePark Continue reading “Is there anything to be said for a bit of inward inspection?”

Momentum delivered in the short and long term

There’s something about seeing a loved one growing older. Mindsets change. More acutely so if ill health is part of the equation. Certain things become susceptible to being shut off. A cupboard is kept locked. Books remain unopened, shelves undisturbed. It’s as if it’s going on but there’s an inability or unwillingness – or both – to see it. Yet the reality of the inevitability in escapable.

At what would rightly be construed as more mundane levels of life, similar feelings often take hold equally. Obviously, no matter what angle they are viewed from, few will be as impactful as the scenarios outlined above, but, for those for whom sport is an intrinsic part of the fabric of life, any dramatic shifting of the sands therein can be immeasurably profound in its aftermath. Continue reading “Momentum delivered in the short and long term”

Greatness need not be the preserve of the victorious

It probably bemuses some and causes curiosity among others – indeed maybe it does for myself sometimes – but, the summer of 1991 is always the obvious reference point for the beginning of the influence #sport would go on to have on life in this corner. Notwithstanding the fact that a first #GAA match had been attended the previous year.

And even though #Meath eventually ended up losing that year’s All #Ireland to Down, it could justifiably be argued that it was around that time matters under Sean Boylan’s stewardship were at their zenith. However, what that period in #Gaelic football did was underscore the inclination that greatness need not be the preserve of the victorious. Meath overcame what were magnificent #Dublin and #Cork teams on the way to some of their greatest days. Sides which would go on to attain deserved glory themselves in the following years. Continue reading “Greatness need not be the preserve of the victorious”

A beacon of hope in a sporting world under a cloud

What’s a long time ago now, on foot of a pilgrimage to Lourdes, I ended up joining the local Scout group. It was a sojourn which didn’t last too long as GAA took priority. However, amidst all the merit badges, eye catching uniforms and memorable excursions to places such as Smarmore Castle in Co Louth and Morton Stadium, most abiding memories centre upon when sports were engaged in at the athletic track adjacent to the local den. Continue reading “A beacon of hope in a sporting world under a cloud”

There’s more to life than sport

The above words do not emanate easily from yours truly. Thus, their appearance hence should underline the gravity of that which dominates the majority of the space hereafter. One day, several moons ago, these wheels were inching their way away from a Meath match – which they happened to have lost – when the following was heard being uttered, possibly for my benefit: “Sure how could you expect to win anything with X on team?”. Continue reading “There’s more to life than sport”

Amidst merited celebrations, a cloud engulfs the Lake County

Westmeath’s win last week will no doubt have been met with raucous – and merited – celebrations. As was best evidenced by one man who became a YouTube sensation. However, in other contexts, a cloud has engulfed the Lake County. Some of the reasoning for which was highlighted elsewhere, but, hereafter I wish to focus on the plight of the Dillon family from Kilbeggan had their lives upturned by the largest livestock theft in Irish history. Continue reading “Amidst merited celebrations, a cloud engulfs the Lake County”

Laughter of bewilderment and disbelief

At a function one day, the soft drink this hack was using to wash down the meal spilt. Thus ensued a fizzy marinated smoked salmon salad. These things happen on this life’s journey. And it was far from the greatest indignity ever to befall allotted circumstances. The two of those occurred in glaringly public arenas and left marks which may eternally hover. Continue reading “Laughter of bewilderment and disbelief”