Foreign gains cannot be at the cost of home comforts

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]upermac’s supremo Pat McDonagh once said that he left the teaching profession to embark upon the fast food route because there was “more money in chips than algebra”. In the case of the fast food magnate, such resoundingly proved to be the case. It’s doubtful, however, would potato growers be entirely in agreement. Continue reading “Foreign gains cannot be at the cost of home comforts”

The bravery of a warrior with ambassadorial grace

If everyone agreed on everything, life would be very boring. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be sustainable.

Isn’t it people liking different types of food (and drink) which leads to diversity of choice and thus production opportunities in the farming, agri-business and food sectors? Isn’t it the sight of each county having their own fan base which makes the GAA the uniquely special organisation it is? And, isn’t it because there such of divergence of opinion regarding favoured soccer teams that they all accrue such income from such a broad spectrum? Continue reading “The bravery of a warrior with ambassadorial grace”

Future generations may have to quote the old ‘Smokey’ hit

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eople’s views of situations in life are understandably shaped by context. Feelings on a given matter will depend on the level of interest therein. For example, in relation to the two abiding passions in the life of yours truly, nothing stirs the emotions in a positive manner more than the purr of a combine harvester in the height of harvest season or, in times not too long past, Micheal O’Muircheartaigh in full flow had a similar effect. Continue reading “Future generations may have to quote the old ‘Smokey’ hit”