Political chess leaves agriculture the loser

Having been subjected to some withering – yet totally unjust – sniping for being actively involved in a local election campaign many years ago, my activity surrounding such matters is now more peripheral. Whether that’s right or even fair is a topic for another day. The change in tack hasn’t, however, dimmed a passionate interest in such things. Continue reading “Political chess leaves agriculture the loser”

What’s under the carpet will eventually bubble to the surface

As somebody with a vehement aversion to confrontation of any description, it’s somewhat anathema to contend that controversy is strangely an intrinsic part of many parts of life. For instance, it’s only by kicking up a storm that farmers will obtain fair prices for their produce. Politicians prosper, mostly, due to the misfortune of their counterparts. In sport, it very often takes a rumpus to bring about necessary change. Continue reading “What’s under the carpet will eventually bubble to the surface”

Stranglehold of power will only be broken by the plucky

Aristocracies exist everywhere in life. Whilst at pains not to go into extensive detail, it’s clear the political one in this country was recently seriously jolted. In agriculture, larger scale producers are still in a better position than their more modest counterparts. Perhaps, however, such circumstances prevail more emphatically in sport than elsewhere.

Thus, breakthroughs fashioned by a handful of Ulster counties and – maybe more so – victories by the footballers of Clare and Leitrim and the hurlers from the Banner County and – to a lesser extent – Wexford were a serious development and an – albeit short-lived – disturbance of the established order. Continue reading “Stranglehold of power will only be broken by the plucky”