A journey that has shaped the road for generations

How much do you remember about the National Football League of 1990? Apart from the fact Meath won it, that is. Other noteworthy points about the secondary competition that term were: the eventual winners were thrashed by both Roscommon and Antrim, games were played over four quarters and Down’s appearance in the final was the first signal of their re-emergence as a power at that time. On a personal level, that spring campaign was memorable for altogether different – and life changing – reasons. Specifically the semi final. At the time, the Meath-Cork rivalry was the big soap opera in … Continue reading A journey that has shaped the road for generations

Positive vibes won’t lighten Schmidt’s workload

Saturday morning games are a strange species. That statement is meant in terms of matches on television. If an Irish team is involved, it usually means that whatever game it is takes place on the far side of the world. That, in turn, generally ends up in disappointment more often than success for our representatives. Yes, there was the unforgettable Rugby World Cup win over Australia a couple of years ago, but the down days tend to outnumber the up. Whether it meant a desperately unlucky loss to New Zealand owing to a bad refereeing decision or a 60-0 drubbing. … Continue reading Positive vibes won’t lighten Schmidt’s workload

Pleased, but educated as well!

So, the first disappointment of a lifelong interest in and passion for farming has manifested itself  – wheelchair into cattle mart doesn’t go! It was a massive disappointment that what would’ve been a first ever sojourn to such a place had to be aborted, but, talking to some of those that were in attendance was eye opening to another angle on agricultural life. However, clinging to the old maxim that business and pleasure shouldn’t be mixed, maybe everything does happen for a reason. If these wheels had been in attendance when matters of particular interest were being dealt with, full … Continue reading Pleased, but educated as well!

Dream duo or ticking tinderbox?

Few, if any, topics in living memory have been as divisive among sports fans here as the events in and fallout from what happened in a far flung corner of a different continent nearly a dozen years ago. After Saipan, the point was often made that there are seemingly no grey areas when it comes to Roy Keane. Very much a case of the title of a certain awful yet ridiculously popular television programme. That being the case, there are probably an awful lot of peeved people at present. Their view of things smacks of lingering bitterness. Certain factors, however, … Continue reading Dream duo or ticking tinderbox?

Perennial standard bearer possibly facing ‘new’ competition

Musings on mixed feelings regarding such luminaries of the flat scene as Bob Bafford, Todd Pletcher, Aidan O’Brien, Dermot Weld and John Oxx might seem a strange place to begin a look into the jump racing season unfolding by the week. Such are the vagaries of racing, however, very often one code overlaps the other. The first two mentioned above are, to my mind, the top trainers on the level in America. Both enjoyed (or endured) a cacophony of outcomes during the recent Breeders Cup two day fixture at Santa Anita. In the end, though, they were both – to … Continue reading Perennial standard bearer possibly facing ‘new’ competition

Fanciful thinking or misguided faith in remorse?

It wouldn’t be hard to arrive at the conclusion that Brian Cookson was either daft, deluded or simply believed too strongly in the likelihood of certain people embracing remorsefulness given his recent comments about the role Lance Armstrong could play in shaping the future of cycling. Not a thing is known about the man who recently assumed the most powerful job in the sport. But he mustn’t be daft if he ended up in that position. It’s surely not credible, either, that Mr Cookson would be so deluded as not to see the damage the shamed American has done. All … Continue reading Fanciful thinking or misguided faith in remorse?