Quiet revolution giving plenty of reason for hope

By Brendan Boylan, I have no problem admitting that tears hovered closely in the immediate aftermath of Meath’s recent Leinster SFC Final defeat to Dublin. It was the third such reversal for green and gold against sky blue in the space of a week – the Minor lads and Senior Ladies having suffered similar fates. Such things are devastating and heartbreaking to take, but, as the moments passed and raw emotions cooled, a look taken from a different angle showed a different picture. An altered appraisal left a scene that smacks of a quiet revolution that’s giving plenty of reason … Continue reading Quiet revolution giving plenty of reason for hope

Patience, belief, deliverance and hope

By Brendan Boylan, There is, or at least was, a belief in certain places, that this corner was either disinterested in Hurling or anti the sport altogether. The truth is that the state of the one seeing eye is such that once the sliotar becomes airborne, I might as well be looking for white blackbirds as trying to following proceedings.   Henry Sheflin  It might come as a surprise to many, then, to know that a Leinster SHC Final was attended some years back. Two of them as it happened, because that year, 1993, it took two meetings between Kilkenny … Continue reading Patience, belief, deliverance and hope

Two weeks of intrigue and enthral, and a dose of reality

By Brendan Boylan, Is sport addictive? No doubt somebody somewhere got very well paid to investigate the theory. Many a college-goer might have based a thesis on the theory too. This corner certainly believes there’s weight to the idea. Hardly surprising, that, given that sport has afforded yours truly a beloved, treasured and crucial way of dealing with some aspects of life. Andy Murray Not directly, of course, but, I’ve always said writing about sport is nearly as good as actually playing. It might carry a few more bonuses indeed. Being involved in team management (these wheels have patrolled many … Continue reading Two weeks of intrigue and enthral, and a dose of reality

Is it a case of when I’m not in, Meath win?!

By Brendan Boylan, You might have deduced from my last GAA offering that I was a little more than hopeful Meath could pull off a result against Kildare today (Sunday). In truth though, nobody could have foreseen, or even dreamt of what did transpire. The Meath players and management deserve immense credit. It is important, in particular, to acknowledge the contributions and improvements made by those on the sideline. Seamus McEnaney Surely no mentors have ever been as much under the spotlight. Granted, things haven’t always gone according to plan for the current regime. Dropping to the third tier of … Continue reading Is it a case of when I’m not in, Meath win?!